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Blade of Old Vinlon

"Vinlon shall be restored..."

Mark of the Champion | Ahlos

When the Shadow of the Titans' lead general, Eve’la’Ret', needs an opposition removed without fail and without question, Ahlos is at her call. A zealot of the fallen order of ancient Vinlon, Ahlos is one of the few remaining believers. After the fall of the Titans, the Algoon capital of Vinlon became the last stronghold of the Allied-Titan forces. Many Algoon refused to abandon their sacred home and paid the ultimate price in the final hours of the war. Those who did escape found their bodies and souls shattered and their beliefs scattered to the wind.

After over a century of living on the outskirts of Limsia and being forced to scavenge the lands for food and refuge, the descendants of Vinlon gathered once more. They heard the call of the Titans, a summoning to reclaim what was once theirs. They moved in the shadows, gathering, watching, striking, and plotting until the time was right, and Ahlos, as a weapon of the old ways, vowed not to stop until Vinlon was restored.

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