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Frosted Thorns

"Trust me friend... I shouldn't be trusted."

Mark of the Champion | Rosallyna

Life in Limsia, during the age of heroes, wasn't as harsh for some as it was for others. Those lucky enough to find themselves in a position of luxury can easily be fooled into believing the realm is filled with rich food, fine clothing, and constant entertainment. Rosallyna, a young lord of Elysia's northern villages, refused to accept that life. At a young age, Rosallyna was always captivated by stories of knights, travelers, and merchants; stories of barely escaping battles, riding across the land in search of mystery, and outsmarting opponents. This was a much more lively life than the pampered one she was used to.

Longing for adventure, Rosallyna abandoned her inheritance and her rank in 'The Order' and followed her calling. Joining Manifestus, an elite group of treasure hunters, Rosallyna was able to ignite the spark in her life that she craved, a sense of being part of the real world that is Limsia. For her, the thrill and challenge of unlocking the mysteries held in the realm's treasure were incomparable. Her brave soul and super inquisitive nature led her to some of Limsia's most precious items, however, the life of a treasure hunter is an extremely dangerous one that invites competition, enemies, and rivals.

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