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Turn Structure



S3CCG is played in turns and rounds.

Players take turns controlling champions from left to right until each champion has acted. Afterward the round is over and a new round starts.

Repeat the rounds until only 1 player has champions remaining.

Using the set-up instructions from the last section, let's walk through how to play.


The game starts at round 1.

During this round, only the last champion to act can conduct their Action Phase.


After the 1st round, every champion can complete an action phase(attack). 


Turn are organized into 5 Phases:

  1. Prep Phase (Skip during round 1)

  2. Draw Phase

  3. Planning Phase

  4. Action Phase (Skip)

  5. Conclusion Phase


Prep Phase

During the 1st round, the prep phase is skipped. 

For learning purpose, we will come back to this phase in round 2. 


 Draw Phase

Draw cards from the Main Deck until your hand has 5 cards, or, if your hand already has 5 cards, draw 1 card.

 Planning Phase

Activate any Will cards from your hand by placing it face-up in the Activity Zone . 

Next, for training purposes, place any skills or spells face-down in your Activity Zone so you can draw more cards during your next turn.

Refer to the set-up page if your hand has more than Will, Skills, and spells. 


Action Phase

During the 1st round, only the last acting champion in the round can enter the Action Phase. 

For learning purpose, we will come back to this phase in round 2.


5) Conclusion Phase

Move any Will from the Activity Zone to the Will Zone and any activated cards to cooldown. 

If your hand size is greater than 5, then discard 1 card to the Used Card Zone. 

The second player follows the same steps.

Since you are learning using the 1v1 game type, after the second player has acted the 1st round ends. 

Note: If you are using more than 1 champion, you and your opponent will repeat the turns with your champions farthest to the left that has not yet acted until all champions have acted, then you will start the next round.


Let's start round 2.


In round 2, you'll have 2 new phases to complete. 

Start with the Prep phase. 

The Prep Phase has 4 small pieces:

  1. Refresh Will

  2. Cooldown

  3. Upkeep (Skipped in this section, you'll learn about this in the beginner tactics)

  4. Wipe


1) Refresh Will

Move Will from the Used Will Zone to the Will Zone.

If there is no Will in your Used Will Zone, skip this step.


2) Cooldown

From right to left, move the cards in your Cooldown, to the right by 1 space. Cards in Cooldown Zone 1 are placed in your Library.

If there are no cards in your Cooldown Zone, skip this step.


3) Upkeep

For now, this will be skipped. You will learn more about this in the beginner's tactics page.

4) Wipe

Any remaining cards face-down in the Activity Zone are moved to the Cooldown Zone, Used Card Zone, or Will Zone.

Skills and spells with CC are moved to the corresponding Cooldown Zone. For Example, cards with 2 CC will be moved to Cooldown Zone 2. 

1TU cards are moved to the Used Card Zone.

Face-down Will are moved to the Will Zone. 


After the Prep Phase, complete the Draw Phase and Planning phase much like you completed them in round 1, except, this time do not place any skills or spells face-down during the planning phase. 


 Action Phase

During this phase, you can activate any card from your hand, field, or Library by playing the card face-up in the Activity Zone.


If you play a card that has a WC or Will Cost, you'll need to pay the amount of Will equal to the WC.

In the example below, Power Slash has a WC of 4. You will need to pay 4 Will to active this card.

0000000013 Power Slash - J copy.png
0000000000 Will of the Universe copy.png
0000000000 Will of the Universe copy.png
0000000000 Will of the Universe copy.png
0000000000 Will of the Universe copy.png

To pay(consume) Will, move the Will from the Will Zone to the Used Will Zone. 


Attacks are played one at at time in combos. More on combos in the beginning tactics. 

After each attack, your opponent has a chance to defend with a defensive skill or spell. 

The defensive skill or spell must activated from the field.

0000000016 Block - 4 copy.png

Calculate the damage.  

When a skill or spell is played that would deal damage you'll need to calculate how much damage to take.


Use the ATK or SDG of the attacking champion and add the ATK or SDG of the actionable card. 

Next, subtract the DEF, if attacked by ATK, or INT, if attacked by SDG, of the defending champion from the attack.

Then, deduct the difference from the defending champion's HP.

0000000008 Esgares.png
0000000013 Power Slash - J copy.png

19 + 65 = 84

0000000006 Avigail.png
0000000016 Block - 4 copy.png

12 + 45 = 57

84 Attack - 57 Defense = 27 Damage

Avigail takes 27 Damage

Subtract 27 from Avigail's current HP.

Attacking Stats

Defending Stats

If the defending champion still receives damage after activating a defensive skill or spell, then the skill or spell is shattered during the conclusion phase and sent to the Used Card Zone. 


After you've finished your attacks, you may place any cards from your hand to the field face-down.

Next finish the turn by completing the conclusion phase.


Now, your opponent completes the steps for round 2 and a new round begins.

Continue taking turns until only 1 player is left with a champion(s) with HP.


The player with champions standing in the end is declared the Winner!


You've successfully completed enough training to play S3CCG at a basic level. 

Play a few matches at the base level before moving to the beginner tactics.

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