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Arena Set-Up




Let's Learn the basics by setting up the Arena

You'll need a champion. The champion is placed in the Champion Zone

0000000008 Esgares.png

S3CCG is played in turns and rounds.

Players will alternate controlling champions for a turn until each champion has acted, ending a round.

Once a round has ended, a new round will start.

Only the last champion acting during the 1st round can conduct their Action Phase. After the first round, every champion can complete an action phase. 


Turns are organized into 5 Phases:

  1. Prep Phase

  2. Draw Phase

  3. Planning Phase

  4. Action Phase

  5. Conclusion Phase


1) Prep Phase: Complete the following steps

Refresh Will- Move all Will from the Used Will Zone to Will Zone

Cooldown (if it is your party leader's turn)- From right to left, move cards in each cooldown Zone to the right by 1 space

Upkeep- Attach 1 Will card from the Will Zone to a card you'd like to remain on the field this turn. This is called charging.  You can only charge Skills, Spells, and Will cards

Wipe- Move any card that did not receive a charge this turn from the Activity Zone to the Cooldown or Used Card Zone

2) Draw Phase

Draw cards from the Main Deck until your hand has 5 cards, or draw 1 card if your hand already equals 5. 

3) Planning Phase

Activate Will and/or Strategy cards from your hand and choose to access your inventory.


In the first round, you cannot attack unless you are the last acting champion, so let's use this time to equip a weapon!

Weapons can only be equipped to champions if:

  1. The weapon is of the same prestige or lower than the champion

  2. The champion's class or sub-class is listed on the weapon's class restriction


0000000043 Battle Long Sword.png
0000000043 Battle Long Sword.png
0000000043 Battle Long Sword.png
0000000008 Esgares.png

Equipped weapons add markers to the champion's skill tree and add their stats to the champion's stats. Place the weapon under the champion to equip the weapon. 

Remember, you can only access your inventory once per turn, and if you do, you must skip your Action Phase.

Broken weapons, like any activated inventory card, are sent to the Used Inventory Zone. 


4) Action Phase

During this phase, you can activate any card from your hand, field, or Library, however, if you've used any Inventory cards or it is the first round, then this phase is skipped.