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Sheppard of the Lost

".... ..... .. .... ..."



          Imagine becoming twisted and tangled, corrupted and lost in your own reflection. Helplessly, you'd watch as your mind slowly cannibalized itself.  The memories you held closest to your heart melt in your hand as the very existence of who you were seeps through your fingers. This is the fate that awaits any Exaleiphein who strays too far from the ruin sites for too long. But for many Exaleipheins, solace can be found knowing that on their journey, Cyd, Mute of the Exaleiphein Council, will always guide them home. Although his tongue is incapable of speech, Exaleipheins of the warrior cast, who have become lost in their desperate attempt to locate new ruin sites, have all reported being guided back by his calming ballad: a song echoing along cavern walls and dancing along the breeze.

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