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Thank you for your interest in S3: Shining Shadows Saga.

We are a small, Indie development team and we are very excited about this card game and the universe that surrounds it.  


So why Donate?


We are striving to make a positive social impact with our products and find ways to give back to the community and we wanted to provide an option for individuals to make a contribution to the company without feeling obligated to make a purchase. 


Your donations will go toward the community outreach programs that we have planned for the future.


Click the donate button below to take action and check back often to see how we put your donations to use!  



What is S3Day?

S3Day is our annual day of giving where we take all the donations and funds received through our various charitable efforts and donate them to a charity selected by the community. Leading up to S3Day you'll find polls on our social media designed to narrow down the charity for that year's S3Day. 

2021 - Inheritance of Hope - $100

2022 - Wild Animal Initiative - $250

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