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Proving Grounds


"Before you can wear the crown of a full-fledged Monarch, you’ll have to learn the basics..."

Welcome to S3CCG!

S3CCG is a trading card game with a Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG) twist!


Take command of up to 3 champions and battle your opponents using actionable cards. These cards can cool down to be reused throughout the fight!

Just like classic JRPGs, you'll have access to weapons, potions, and other powerful items as part of your accessible inventory!

Collect and trade cards to battle your friends in this exciting take on the TCG experience!  

Learn how to get started below!

Azara Summoning.png

Hey there!

I'm Lilandra and I'm here to teach you how to play S3CCG!!

1st: Grab 1 or more Starter Decks and a Game Mat, or follow along using a print-to-play Deck!

There are also packs and decks available, more on that later!

Getting Started!


The Starter Deck comes with everything you'll need to play  the different game types that make up S3CCG:

1v1  (1 champion vs 1 Champion)

For beginners, a quicker, action-focused match

2v2 (2 champions vs 2 Champions)

 For intermediates, a nice balance of might and mind

3v3 (3 champions vs 3 Champions)

For experts, a longer, more strategic battle

Each deck comes with 3 unique champions!

Each champion has their own unique stats,  skill tree, and special 'Mastery' effect!

Champions can belong to 1 of 4 classes, and 1 of 12 subclasses!

0000000010 Darrio.png
0000000009 Forte.png
0000000006 Avigail.png

40+ Main deck actionable cards

Actionable cards include: Strategy, Ally, Skill, Spell,  and Will card types!

Card types are indicated at the top of the card and are also color-coded.

Each starter deck contains 13 Will cards!

4-5 Inventory deck cards

0000000047 Swordmaster's Might.png
0000000011 Slash - 3 copy.png
0000000032 Fireball - K.png
0000000000 Will of the Universe copy.png

Inventory deck cards are different from your actionable cards and include: Item, Weapon, Union, and Stone card types.

(Stone cards are rare cards that are not included in the starter deck)

0000000226 Healing Rain  - JK copy.png
0000000266 Shining Shadows Stone.png
0000000015 Nutrient Banquet- Low.png
0000000043 Battle Long Sword.png

You can learn more about each card type by viewing the rulebook.

Now that you have your cards, let's practice placing them on the mat!

Champions are placed face-up.

Will in the Will Zone is placed face-up.

The Main Deck and Inventory Deck are placed face-down.


Next, let's learn what the other zones are for.


After you've picked up your starter and learned the game, you can start enhancing your deck.

You can mix and match cards from your Starter Decks, or utilize cards from the Battle Packs & Adventure Set! Either provide great options to enhance your arsenal. 

The Journey Begins copy.png

Now that you know what's in your deck, how to improve it, and have learned your way around the arena, it's time to learn the basics. Head to the next area to learn the basics, starting with 1v1!

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