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Alchemist Lab - Rainy's PoPoPotions

"That stench... it's... it's... magnificent!"

Universe Tears Gulp.png
0000000015 Nutrient Banquet- Low.png

"Hand me that Vile would you!?

Now, pass that Callac root!!

Where are those kids with my Liona?!

…Keep your eye on this flame, don’t want the cauldron getting too hot!!

wait… you've no time for lallygagging Monarch, you've got places to be and I've got potions to craft!

Take a look at this month's recipe while I give this batch a taste!"

-Rainy, Brewer of the tastiest of potions

Rainy is hard at work creating new potions.

Check back quarterly to learn about the new potion! 

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