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Kir'ba heats up the Arena!

Kir'ba - Harrower of Flame Sprites is an S rank Sorceress that can sacrifice her HP to bolster her spell damage. While her magical stats are notable less than Rosallyna due to her limitations as an Algoon, her Mastery and increased HP makes up for this.

Kir'ba's Ally Card allows you to deal damage to an opposing champion (as well as one of your own, and if Kir'ba is an acting champion, you're able to attach it to her to give yourself a 1 free use of her Mastery. With careful planning, this free use could mean the difference between winning a match and accidentally costing yourself the game!

Kir'ba's deck includes the first non-rare food item card, Algoon Survival Jerky. In the Barron Lands of Elysia, Algoons can go days in search of their next meal. Carrying survival jerky is a necessity!

The Joker for this deck is Eruption! A powerful costly spell that deals damage for each 'Flame' spell in the Activity Zone. Increase the damage by revealing your Library! Pair the new card "Volcanic Spitfire" to maximize your damage output! The Kir'ba structure deck comes with additional flame support cards such as "Molten Block", "Heat Haze", "Firery", "Fireshot", and "Algoon's Bite". Pair these cards with any fire champions to beef up your deck! Best Pairings: Ahlos, Shawla, Unique Pairings: Forte, Cyd


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