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Late Backer Campaign Coming September!

Get ready to get your hands on our first 3 starters decks, S3 rare cards, and more!

This September we'll be launching our late backer campaign and the marketplace will open for the first time!

This campaign will allow some of you who might’ve missed the opportunity to get starter decks through the July Kickstarter Campaign a chance to obtain the original cards! This will also allow you to build that custom deck that you've been thinking about! These cards will be available for a limited time as we are making the switch to rounded corners soon.

(Pictures to come soon!)

You can expect to find the following for sale:

Starter Deck Avigail

Starter Deck Esgaris

Starter Deck Dyon

Game Mats

S3 Rare Champion - Avigail

S3 Rare Champion - Prototype Avigail Dark

S3 Rare Ally - Swordmaster's Might

S3 Rare Ally - Prototype Swordmaster's Might Dark

Will Pack

Late Backer Exclusive Kickstarter Packs

As an added bonus, for every $50 spent, you will receive 1 of the 3 Kickstarter Exclusive S3 Rare cards:


Blazing Sunrise - 4

Komodian Heart

Be sure to obtain all the cards you’ll need to compete in our first ever discord tournament coming this fall!


The Kickstarter Shrine has been published on our website! The shrine exists as a monument to our exciting campaign, and is a tribute to all of our amazing backers!

You can visit the shrine at .

Let us know what you think!

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