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Welcome to Sanctuary!!

Get ready to Joust as a Monarch, a summoner of ancient champions, in the realm of Limsia! 


Starter decks introduce you to the basic techniques of jousting in S3CCG and provides you with access to all of the current game types. This 55 card deck is designed as a great entry point for new players, and a perfect stable for returning players looking to start with a solid base. 


Starter Deck Dyon provides a team of champions who are equally as dangerous as they are unique. Use Dyon to distract your foes while the villainous Ahlos prepares his onslaught. Great for intermediate players!


This Starter Deck Includes

3 Champion Cards  (1 S-Rank Champion, 2 A-Rank Champion)

46 Main Deck Cards  (13 Will, 3 Ally Cards, 31 Deck Building Cards)

5 Inventory Deck Cards (2 Weapons, 1 Union, 1 Potion)

1 How to Play Card



***Game mat not included***

Starter Deck: Dyon (Unlimited Edition Legacy Version)

$26.99 Regular Price
$21.59Sale Price
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