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How do I buy the Adventure Pass?

The S3Odyssey Adventurer bi-seasonal role can be purchased via Discord Server Shop. 

What happens if I buy the Role late in the season?

If you've already opted in to the free version, then you'll miss out on the rewards you could have earned, except for the S3Odyssey Reward Cards up until that point. So be sure to get the pass early so you don't miss any extra rewards!

Can I keep leveling my rank after the bi-season adventure ends?

No, S3Odyssey prize tracks refresh with every bi-season adventure.

Do I keep my stuff after the season ends?

Yes! You keep every Adventure Pass reward you’ve unlocked after the season is over.

What if I don’t buy the S3Odyssey Adventurer Role? Can I still earn rewards for free?

Yes. Even if you don’t purchase the role, you can still earn the all the free rewards.

If I buy the S3Odyssey bi-seasonal adventure role, can I also get the free rewards?

Yes! Everyone can earn the free rewards during the season.

If I buy the Adventure role mid-season, how can I catch up?

You can purchase XP through the S3Shop if you would like to catch up or get an XP boost!

Does the Adventure role does it cover shipping for the rewards?

Yes! No need to worry about any extra fees for shipping domestically. 

S3Odyssey FAQ

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