Armoress of the G.o.D.S.



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          Legend says that on the final days of the uprising, the G.o.D.S. abruptly descended upon the calm skies with a giant castle. Its enormous stature shadowed the final Titan as it rained spells from its gates. To many, this was only an embellished tale of the G.o.D.S’. rise to power from a nameless faction. Shawla however, knew otherwise. For her, this was vivid memory. Once held captive by the Titans and forced to work in the mines, Shawla found herself under the wing of the resistance. She, along with those who would become the G.o.D.S. discovered the castle far beneath the depths of Limsia during their mining. Inside its cryptic halls, they uncovered tools ancient to the world and foreign at sight along with shards of black stones emanating bright light. Upon touching the fragment, she found her creative mind expanded and enhanced by its Will, bringing her knowledge and wisdom beyond what her lifespan could provide. Through her ingenuity, the G.o.D.S. were able to resurrect the castle in time for the final confrontation.


During the Golden Age, Shawla put her brilliance to work as the official Armoress of the G.o.D.S., creating incredible enchanted works of pure art. As the protégée of the Greater Moon God, she helped to craft some of Limsia’s most destructive weapons. However, after the disappearance of the .G.o.D.S. she found herself working to keep the royal descendants of The Crown hidden from those who may want to use them as pawns in their lust for power. Even in hiding, Shawla worked tirelessly to craft new weapons because she knew if the G.o.D.S. ever returned then they would need her creations once again.   

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"Time to create something incredible!"

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Hero Champion

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Lost Crown/Lost Faith


Mastery | Strength of the G.o.D.S.

When a weapon is equipped to Shawla, the weapon gains 2 ‘Sol’ markers. Each time a ‘Sol’ spell is activated, increase the ATK and SDG of the caster by 5 for each ‘Sol’ marker in their skill tree until the end of the Damage calculation. Once per match you can consume 7 Will to add 1 ‘Sol’ marker to each weapon equipped to your party.


Signature | A.N.G.E.L. Testing

If another ‘A.N.G.E.L Testing’ is active, then send it to the Used Card Zone. Equip this card to 1 active party member and, while this card is active, increase the base HP of the selected champion by 30 and their ATK and DEF by 5. If Shawla is an active party member, then you can also heal the selected champion by 30 HP.  As long as Shawla is an active party member, gain an additional 10 ATK and DEF from ‘A.N.G.E.L. Testing’.