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The Basics! (1v1)



"Before you can wear the crown of a full-fledged Monarch, you’ll have to learn the basics..."

You can download the PDF rulebook to read through the rules.

Now that you know how to get started, it's time to learn the basics. Check out the video below for a quick overview before we hop into what you should know!


We'll start with learning the 1v1 gametype!

First, you'll need to select a champion to construct your deck. 

Let's select the Dreadknight, Esgaris!

0000000008 Esgares.png
Skill Tree

Each champion has their own skill tree that dictates what kind of actionable cards they can use!

Esgaris can use up to:

Level 4 Offensive Skills

Level 1 Defensive Skills

Level 2 Nature Spells

0000000008 Esgares.png
0000000008 Esgares.png
0000000013 Power Slash - J copy.png
0000000016 Block - 4 copy.png
0000000054 Vine Whip - K.png

Offensive skill cards are used to attack opposing units. Champions cannot attack without activating a card.  Champions can use offensive skills up to the level of offensive skill markers on their skill tree.

Defensive skills can be activated to protect you against other card effects.

Champions can use defensive skills up to the level of defensive skill markers on their skill tree.

You may cast spells of the same element in your skill tree up to the level equal to the markers on the champion's skill tree.

0000000052 Judgement Strike - 4 copy.png
0000000014 Hero's Oversight - J copy.png
0000000032 Fireball - K copy.png

Judgement Strike is a level 5 Offensive Skill, too high for Esgaris.

Hero's Oversight is a level 3 Defensive Skill. Esgaris can only use level 1 Defensive Skills.

Fireball is a Flame Spell. Esgaris can only use Nature Spells since he has 2 Nature Spell markers.

0000000000 Will of the Universe copy.png
0000000053 Fight or Might copy.png

Every champion is able to use Strategy, Will, and Ally cards regardless of the skill tree, so be sure to add these to your deck.

0000000113 Knighting copy.png

Every champion can use Strategy cards unless stated on the effect and restricted by the symbol.

Will Cards are your resource cards, use them to activate skills, spells, etc. Consume 1 Will card per WC. Example, 3 WC, consume 3 Will Cards.

Each champion has a unique ally card that can be played by any champion. You can only have a max of 3 Ally cards in your deck.


Now let's make a deck!

For 1v1 you'll need :

1 Champion

20-30 actionable cards 

Up to 5 cards in your inventory


Now that you have your deck, let's place our cards on the arena and walk through the basics of a 1v1 match!

Place the following into their starting locations:

Esgaris in the Champion Zone.

3 Will in the Will Zone (add the remainder to your Main Deck) 

Main Deck of actionable cards in the Deck Zone

Inventory Deck in the Inventory Zone

(Refer to the 'Getting Started' page for help with card placement.)

S3CCG is played in turns and rounds.

Players will alternate controlling champions for a turn until each champion has acted, ending a round.

Once a round has ended, a new round will start.

Only the last champion acting during the 1st round can conduct their Action Phase. After the first round, every champion can complete an action phase. 


Turns are organized into 5 Phases:

  1. Prep Phase

  2. Draw Phase

  3. Planning Phase

  4. Action Phase

  5. Conclusion Phase


1) Prep Phase: Complete the following steps

Refresh Will- Move all Will from the Used Will Zone to Will Zone

Cooldown (if it is your party leader's turn)- From right to left, move cards in each cooldown Zone to the right by 1 space

Upkeep- Attach 1 Will card from the Will Zone to a card you'd like to remain on the field this turn. This is called charging.  You can only charge Skills, Spells, and Will cards

Wipe- Move any card that did not receive a charge this turn from the Activity Zone to the Cooldown or Used Card Zone

2) Draw Phase

Draw cards from the Main Deck until your hand has 5 cards, or draw 1 card if your hand already equals 5.