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     Welcome to the universe of S3: Shining Shadows Saga, where magic and might helped to forge the realm of Limsia. Limsia is a fantastical world filled with various humanoid species, terrifying elemental spells, thunderous clashing of steel, and a grand adventure of mystery and discovery. 


           There are two distinct timelines that come into focus. Current day Limsia takes place on the island of Sanctuary where you, a combatant, have gathered to become a Monarch, a summoner of the heroes of Limsia's cryptic past. Join the fight at the coliseum in S3CCG: Shining Shadows Saga Collectable Card Game where we have new content releasing monthly. You can shop at the market and get tips about the current quarter's spells, skills, potions, and weapons at the Limsia shops. Additionally, don't forget to join Azara at the 'Hall of Heroes' as she marks a new Champion to summon!

           The second timeline takes place in Ancient Limsia after after the fall of the crazed Titans ushered in the 'Golden Age', and before the great frost nearly wiped out all of existence. The Guardians of Dark Stones, the G.o.D.S., vanished nearly over a century ago, leaving the inhabitants to forge their own destiny. With the void left by the G.o.D.S.s' absences, many warriors have either joined the ranks of the elite mercenaries or have pledged their lives as knights to Lords to protect the realm from Helliion's, Monsters that leak from the cracks of the gates. 

           There are those however who have been forced into a different lives. Scavengers, ravengers, bandits, and all those in-between also call Limsia their home. There are dark cults that seek to plunge the realm back into darkness and secret sects that only want to return to a world that no longer exists. 

           Join the fun! Explore the game, battle with the many Champions of Limsia, and be on the lookout for monthly surprises, new cards, card updates, tournaments, the Mysterious Vendor, and more!



           S3CCG is the official collectible card game for the Shining Shadows Saga universe. It's an action-focused, strategy-driven card game that relies more on deck creation and tactics than luck. Break the mold of traditional trading card game with S3CCG!

S3CCG offers:

  • New Heroic Champions Released Quarterly

  • Various Game Types

  • Innovative Dual Deck Mechanics

  • 3v3, 2v2, & 1v1 Turn-Based Combat

  • 10 Card types

  • 4 Champion Classes

  • 12 Champion Subclasses

  • 7 Spell Elements Types

  • An Arsenal of Spells, Skills, and Other Cards

  • Limited Time Collectible and Seasonal Cards

  • and More!

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