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           The  S3Team is a small team that is currently comprised of Ulysses Roebuck II (Chief Creative Officer (CCO)), Krystal Pope (Program Manager), Tommy Macaspac-Thomas (S3 Testing Architect), and Joe Hudak (S3 Testing Architect). Although we are a small team, we have some pretty big ambitions! We strive to create a fun and engaging community and bring to life the best content we can!


           Together, we update the site, complete order fulfillment,  release new content, manage the social media accounts, and work on a number of other projects. If you'd like to get in touch with any of us, please feel free to email us at .

           We also work with a wide variety of talented artists from all over the world to bring the Universe of S3 to life. 

Meet The Team


Ulysses Roebuck II

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Krystal Pope Headshot_edited.jpg

Krystal Pope

Project Manager

1708989925082_366774434823313 2_edited.j

Tommy Macaspac-Thomas

S3 Testing Architect


Joe Hudak

S3 Testing Architect

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