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The S3Coliseum via Discord!

    What can you do in the S3Coliseum?

  • Enjoy Remote Battle Arenas for Joust (1v1, 2v2, & 3v3)

  • Participate in the M3

  • Climb the S3Coliseum XP Leaderboards for prizes

  • Earn S3Crests to Buy Coupons 

  • Join in the fun on Throw-Down Thursday every Thursday

  • and more!

Once inside:

  1. Navigate to the 'Start Here' section to read the welcome post

  2. Accept the rules

  3. Find a helpful guide to set up your camera for battle. 

  4. Navigate to the 'Battle Pit' category, 'General' chat, and introduce yourself to receive your welcome S3Crest!

Discord Rewards and More!

Acquire discounts via Discord to unlock these rewards

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