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Card Rulings, Updates, & F.A.Q.s


"Oops! Did we say 3 WC..."

Sometimes accidents happen or clarification is needed. 

Here you can find updates and our official interpretations.  


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Card Name
A.N.G.E.L. Testing & Fan of the Phoenix
Both cards are only referring to having additional copies active on your side of the field. Your opponent's field is not included when resolving the effect.
Only the wielder of Achilles receives 0 damage when Hero's Oversight is shattered.
Reduce the selected party member's total defense (weapon + buff + base) to equal 0. Any increases to DEF through defense skills/spells are nullified to 0.
Courageous Fire Blade
Add your total attack (weapon +/- (de)buff + base) to your total SDG (weapon +/- (de)buff + base)
Mirage Attack
Mirage Attack gains its effect if activated after 'Ultra Mirage Attack'.
Steak'n Bait
You must select a damaged champion when selecting an opposing champion to heal.

Card Updates

Updated 08.01.22.         |         0000000213 - Shining Sol Blade

Updated 06.08.22.         |         0000000064 - Flaming Battle Sword

Updated 01.01.22          |         0000000131 - Frozen Fertilizer


Q: Are we able to mulligan our starting hands?

A: In official tournament settings, you're unable to mulligan if you find you have a bad starting hand. However, in private play, if consenting opponents agree, then you are able to. 

Q: How do frozen champions and frozen Activity Zones work?

A: Frozen Activity Zones are connected to the champion(s) that are frozen. If the champion(s) that are frozen are unfrozen, the zones are no longer frozen. While the zone is frozen, the card in the zone cannot be charged, activated, or removed from the field. If the frozen zone is empty, cards cannot be activated or stored in the frozen zone. 

Q: If your enhanced weapon is destroyed, will you need to enhance it again to equip it?

A: If your enhanced weapon is returned to the inventory, you will need to enhance it again in order to equip it. However, if the enhanced weapon is destroyed and a card is used to equip it from the used inventory zone such as 'Deepsea Scavenging', then you will not need to enhance it again to equip it. 

Q: Are champions able to attack without the use of a card?

A: Nope! You must activate a card that tells you to attack with either ATK or SDG to attack opposing champions.

Q: Can your champion's HP increase/heal past the amount listed on the card?

A: Nope, the amount listed on the champion's HP is the maximum HP a champion can have without the use of a card effect such as 'A.N.G.E.L. Testing.


Q: Are cards that are immediately removed from the field (i.e Ayleth's Master) counted towards the combo?

A: Nope, the combo is for active cards currently in the Activity Zone (excluding Will and Strategy cards). 

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