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S3Coliseum Incentives!

Greetings Monarchs!

We have shipped the first batch of orders!

We also wanted to let you know that there are 2 incredibly awesome incentives starting today!

S3Coliseum Discord Leaderboard Rewards!

The top 3 players(excluding the S3Coliseum Moderators) in the leaderboard at the end of each quarter (current quarter is from Jan 1st - March 31st) will win a prize! Note: Rankings will be reset on the first day of the new quarter.

  • 1st place: A code for the rarest card being released in the new quarter's battle pack OR the rarest card from the season pool

  • 2nd place: A code for the second rarest card from the new quarter's battle pack.

  • 3rd place: A code for the third rarest card from the new quarter's battle pack

Leveling up in the Leaderboards will also give you access to new rooms that hold treasures that you can use to unlock goodies for your next purchase!

How can you earn XP to move up in the Leaderboard?

  • The first way is to post in the discord. Posting in the discord will grant you XP, so lets get some conversations going!

    • Every minute that you're messaging, you randomly gain between 15 and 25 XP.

    • To avoid spamming, earning XP is limited to once a minute per user.

    • In the server, you type !rank to see your rank and level.

  • Additionally, battle! You can earn XP by attending Throw-down Thursdays! All who attend will be granted XP. You will be granted additional XP for playing, and even more for beating an S3Coliseum Admin!

  • Next, earn XP by playing in a tournament! All entries receive XP for attending, and additional XP is granted as you progress through the tournament with 1st place winning the Max XP.

  • Lastly, share a video with the coliseum of you and or your friends playing S3 that’s been uploaded to any social media and you'll gain even more XP!

Shopping in the S3Coliseum

New shop items have been added to the store! These shop items range from discount codes to Kickstarter exclusive cards, to even becoming an S3 Champion!

How do you get coins?

  • Play S3Coliseum Discord games!

    • Play during TDT or the M3 to earn S3Crests

  • Tag us on Instagram with your cards with your Discord Name!

    • Box opening = 1500c

    • Pictures/videos of you and a friend playing = 2000c

  • Refer a friend! If your friend comments on their introduction post that you referred them, you both will receive 10000c!

Below youll find the list of available S3Coliseum shop items!

S3Crest Cost



---Champions Coupons---



Receive $5 off any Champion or Ally Card.

---Deck Coupons---



Receive 25% off a Starter Deck.



Receive 50% off a Starter Deck.



Receive 5% off a Starter Deck.

---Monthly Collectible Coupons---



Receive $5 off a Monthly Collectible.

---Pack Coupons---



Receive $1 off any packs.

---Prize Coupons---



Collect 5 to create your own champion!

If you have any questions, leave a comment!

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