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Dove of Hernystus

"Hope will take flight!"

Mark of the Champion | Robynn

Elevated high above in the crown of the Limsia Heart Tree, the Doves pray to the divine Gryphons. This holy clergy of Zephrys, who’ve lived a life of integrity and righteousness, create Gryphons in a powerful ceremony. Only the most loyal and moral of Doves are compelled to migrate back to the Heart Tree during their final stages of life. It is then that they donate their spirits into a ritual egg. If the souls used for the ritual are pinnacles of virtue, then the hatchling inside will be born of purity. Their feathers will be dazzling white, uncorrupted and unblemished. During the age of the Titans, Hernystus, the Grphyon of Hope, revived the strongest of Gryphons, the Gryphon of War, to fight alongside the G.o.D.S. Although it has been centuries since Hernystus was last seen, his teachings are still passed down amongst his Doves and Robynn dedicated her life to practicing his commandments.

Since infancy, Robynn gleefully prepared for her mission. The teachings of Hernystus connected with her on a level deeper than any other Gryhpons’. She studied, memorized, and recited his works. With each hardship she overcame, she grew more staunch in her beliefs. In an age where hope was a privilege few could afford, and even fewer could appreciate, she sought to spread its seed to the farthest reaches of the realm, and with compassion, understanding, and optimism as its fertilizer, Robynn’s purpose was to grow a future filled with strong heroes and ambitious leaders who were ready to make the realm a better place. Deep in her soul she believed that Limsia would flourish into a prosperous land of peace in her lifetime. However, the Shadow of the Titans’ surprise attack left both her home and her aspirations in ashes. She watched as the Limsian Heart Tree’s crystallized core was ripped from its smoldering gaping trunk. Along with the tree, her hope was ripped away from her. In desperation, she fell on her knees and prayed to Hernystus as the torched branches rained from above, devastating the homes below. The treetop Zephrys kingdom collapsed in the inferno. Through the haze of the incinerated bark, Robynn tearfully watched her fellow Doves, friends, and family being massacred by attacking forces. With hope wilting, she navigated to the hatching chambers, determined to protect the unhatched eggs. After the smoke settled, Robynn vowed to seek out other surviving Zephrys to regrow the heart of her people.

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