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2023 Roadmap!

Year 1 Review

2022 was a year full of accomplishments. We launched the game to the world, kicked off our 1st season, knocked out our 1st major convention, and launched our 1st box set!

It was a good year to do a lot of internal testing, fixes, and tweaks that we hope will help improve the game.

S1Y1 the Journey Begins was all about helping players get their footing in the game and discovering the world of S3. In S1Y2 we continue on this path, but we also dive deeper into what this game was always meant to be.

Up next for S3

S1Y2 Brings a few new changes. You’ll notice the champion releases slow a bit to give each champion their time in the spotlight. We’ve already introduced 15 champions into the game, this year you’ll find 3 more.

Customization. 2023 you’ll find the doors of possibilities opening either further. Players expressed their love for the game and the things that they wish they could do. This year we’ll be expanding upon the idea of S3 being the Legos(c) of card games with new cards and pack types that will allow you to make bigger crazier more unique decks than before. This will be accomplished through Y2’s Box Set.

With the feedback provided by the community, we feel like we have a new formula that will make each player’s Adventure Set feel like their own mini-adventure. What does this mean? It means potentially, no two boxes will be completely identical and there will be bigger pools for rares.

Goals for 2023

With Y1 being the year of firsts, what are the goals for Y2?

For Y2 we’re looking to polish and refine the game in preparation for Season 2. We’ve worked with the manufacturer to improve backend processes and update the quality of the foils. We’ve remastered the box set formula, and have made what we feel will be improvements to the release structure.

Additionally, with new experiences under our belt, we’re looking to do another Kickstarter!! That means new Kickstarter and Road to Kickstarter content is on its way! The Kickstarter goals, pledges, and fulfillment will work a bit differently this time around, but what is returning is the pledge award allowing a lucky duck to create their own champion! So get ready to pledge and tell your friends!

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