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Behind the Shadows pt. 1: Enarten

Welcome to Behind the Shadows where we introduce you to the talent that brings S3: Shining Shadows Saga to life!

With the release of our first Mount card, we would like to introduce you to Enarten, our amazingly talented artist responsible for the breathing-taking mounts of S3!

Mount art by Enarten

Lexington Comic and Toy Con Promo Card

Q1. How long have you been practicing art?

A1. Art found a special place in my heart really soon when I was little. I fell in love with horses and one way I could express how passionate I was about horses was to draw them. One passion created another and art became part of my daily life. Now it has been 15 years since I visited art school for the first time, finished it and started learning by myself. By 2014 I accepted the biggest challenge, taking all the knowledge I gather through the years into digital world of art.

Q2. What is your favorite thing to draw?

A2. Definitely fantasy characters and animals. I love drawing things from game worlds with unlimited fantasies.

Q3. Favorite art medium? ie. Painting, photoshop, sketches

A3. Since I got in touch with digital art I totally fell in love with it. But I still love to just sit down sometimes, take a pencil and start sketching on the paper.

Q4. How many hours per week do you practice your craft?

A4. I work on my art skills a few times a week, when I am working on some piece I can spend about 5 to 6 hours working on the piece and studying it.

Q5. Do you remember your first art piece?

A5. I am not sure, but I believe it was a drawing of a horse haha.

Q6. Do you have any influences for your art? ie. Favorite artists?

A6. My biggest influences in art come from the games. One of my favorite artists is Jennifer Wuestling, Dave Greco, and definitely many more. I totally adore their work and always when I see a new piece it kicks me even more to work on my art dream.

Q7. Where do you find inspiration?

A7. Games are my biggest inspiration because there are no limitations and your fantasy is totally free.

Q8. Are you a fan of anime/comics? If so, what are some of your favorites?

A8. I am! And without any hesitation my current favourite anime which is worth mentioning is The Legend of Vox Machina.

Q9. Are you a fan of video games? If so, what are some of your favorites?

A9. Video games inspired me to work on my art skills and created one of my biggest goals in life, sharing my arts with passionate players of video games. My favourite games are: World of Warcraft, Witcher, League of Legends, Red Dead Redemption, ARK: Survival Evolved and many more.

Q10 Do you have any socials you'd like us to tag?

A10. Of course! You can find me on these socials:

Fiverr for commissions:

Twitch: (I am streaming drawing few times a week)

Q11. Anything else you'd like to share?

A11. When you have passion, just follow it.


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