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How to play video posted!

Ready to learn the game?

Learn the basics with Sanctuary's Task Master, Lilandra!

With Lilandra, you'll learn the fundamentals of playing Shining Shadows Saga: Collectable Card Game. You'll get a quick look at the different card and game types and learn how to complete the phases and rounds. You’ll also gain an understanding of the winning conditions. Utilize the how to play video with the rulebook to be come the ultimate legend!

Additionally, we've received a lot of inquiries regarding purchasing additional decks or, for some, your first decks. We're excited to announce a second round of backing opportunities coming September with our Late Backer Campaign!

This will allow some of you who might’ve missed the opportunity to get starter decks through the July Kickstarter Campaign a chance to obtain the original game! This will also allow you to build that custom deck you've been thinking about! The original cards are a limited time offer as we are making the switch to rounded corners soon (Pictures to come in the following weeks!)

Keep an eye out for more information as September approaches regarding how to participate in the Late Backer Campaign!

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