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Limsian Lore: Vonspira

From mountain-suffocating snow storms to the crop-torching smoldering heat, the savage weather of Vonspira is considered only suitable for the toughest of species. Birthing the Goros, Gigas, Gohlems, and Gladians, Vonspira’s harsh conditions spawned species with thick, hardened skin. The Divina Mountain Range divides the continent into two distinct regions. The bleak dirt-covered lands to the north lay mostly abandoned while the majority of the populace live in the more vegetated lands to the south. At the sight of the first Greater New Moon, the frost-covered summits begin to warm denoting the changing of the season. Avalanches of water barrel south, engulfing Caya Woods in nourishing water. However, due to Vonspira’s intense seasons, the residents still rely heavily on imports from Kroyras for the bulk of their vegetative needs.

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