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Limsian Lore: The Continents

The wondrously mysterious realm of Limsia consists of 6 main continents and dozens of islands.

Vonspira lies to the Northwest and is known for its extreme climate. Kroyras, sits just south of Vonspira and acts as a natural bridge to Elysia to its northeast. Just below Elysia is Mynox, and below that is the barren continent of Itoy. Opposite Itoy, the lush continent of Khelos where the Limsian Heart Tree is said to have given life to the world.

Travelers speak of a 7th continent that existed prior to the G.o.D.S. yet no evidence of its existence can be found. Beyond the 6 continents that make up the realm lies a thick fog. It is said that explorers who venture in search of the beyond have yet to return.

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