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Official Tournament Rules for M3s

Duration: 12pm-8pm (MST)

Implementing a 1 hour cap to determine the winner and move on to next round (cap will stop at final level for full length match)

Style: 3-v-3 Elimination Tournament

Player Requirements:

  • Main Deck of 40-60 Cards w/3 Different Champions

  • Optional Inventory Deck - Maximum of 15 Cards

  • Mat

  • Camera Setup for full Display of Gameplay

Some actions must be performed on camera, those actions include:

  • Shuffling

  • Drawing

  • Counting out will

  • Revealing cards pulled from the deck

Flag a moderator if/when:

  • 45 mins into match

  • A player enters into Last Stand

  • A player feels they have a winning hand

  • You need a card/game ruling

  • Settling dispute

  • Violating Discord Policies

  • Cheating

  • Illegal Moves

  • Bad Etiquette, Asking for Wins

How do we match players?

Players are assigned numbers which are then drawn out of a bowl.

Where can players Register?

Players can register at to participate!

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