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2nd Official Buy-in Tournament!

Round 2 Monarchs!!

Get your decks ready!!

The low buy-in fee of $10.25 will still gain you access to the arena where you can compete against your fellow Monarchs for some amazing loot!



Entry Includes:

1st Round of Drinks Free

5000 S3Crest (Discord Only)


21+ or accompanied by a guardian

Skill Level



6/18/22 @ 1pm MST


8-Bit Aleworks

1050 N Fairway Dr

Building F suite 101

Avondale, AZ 85323


1st Place Prize:

Your choice of 2 Monthly Collectibles

1 Shiny Champion and Ally Set

50% of the Buy-In Earnings

10,000 S3Crest (Discord Only)

2nd Place Prize:

Choice of 1 Free Monthly Collectible

5,000 S3Crest (Discord Only)

Main Match Rules

Gametype: 1v1

Number of Champions: 1

Deck Size: 20-30

Inventory Deck Size: <=5

Quest Deck Size: <=15

Deck Registration Required: Yes

There will be a 30 min. intermission before the finals for deck construction.

Finals' Rules

Gametype: 3v3

Number of Champions: 3

Deck Size: 40-60

Inventory Deck Size: <=15

Quest Deck Size: <=15

Deck Registration Required: Yes

How to Enter!

  1. To enter, register using this link.

  2. Next, download and print out the Deck Registration Sheet below. (or fill out the Registration Sheet @ the venue)

  3. Return your Deck Registration Sheet.

    1. Your deck sheet must be brought to the S3QT venue or scanned and emailed to us at before the tournament starts in order to have entry.

  4. Arrive at the S3QT and have fun!

See you at the Tournament!

Deck Registration
Download XLSX • 12KB

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