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Big Bad Backer Tournament! 11/20/21

Kickstarter Backer...

Late Backer...

Who's the biggest and baddest backer?!

Official Tournament Rules for the 11/20/21 Big Bad Backer Tournament

Duration: 12pm-8pm (Pacific Time)

Implementing a 1 hour cap to determine the winner and move on to next round (cap will stop at final level for full length match)

Style: 3-v-3 Elimination Tournament

Player Requirements:

  • Main Deck of 40-60 Cards w/3 Different Champions

  • Optional Inventory Deck - Maximum of 15 Cards

  • Mat

  • Camera Setup for full Display of Gameplay

  • Decklist

On camera actions include:

  • Shuffling

  • Drawing

  • Counting out will

  • Revealing cards pulled from the deck

Flag a moderator if/when:

  • 45 mins into match

  • A player enters into Last Stand

  • A player feels they have a winning hand

  • You need a card/game ruling

  • Settling dispute

    • Violating Discord Policies

    • Cheating

    • Illegal Moves

    • Bad Etiquette, Asking for Wins

How do we match players?

Players are assigned numbers which are then drawn out of a bowl.

Deck List Registration?

You can provide your decklist at the time of registration or any time leading up to the 20th by reaching out to any of the S3 Discord Moderators. A deck list is required to participate and must list your Champions, Main Deck, and Inventory Deck Cards.

What are the prizes?

  • 10,000 S3C

  • 2000XP

  • S3Coliseum Gear

  • Discord Title of B3

  • Promotional 1TU code for 1 of each January Monthly collectible w/ purchase

Where can players Register?

Players can register at to participate!

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