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Maelstrom of Naedio

"Fix it? No, no... I will improve it!"

Mark of the Champion | Darrio

After the disappearance of the G.o.D.S., the seas were the first to turn to lawlessness. Travelers and merchants that sailed through Naedio all found themselves at the hands of Octian raiders. The Fyntaurs and Mermians of Limsia once again united against this new threat and formed the Naedian Armada to enforce the rule of the seas and provide safe passage to all that traversed. Darrio found himself enlisting as a young tadling. He fended off pirates and gained notoriety as a no-nonsense commander that patrolled the waves tirelessly ensuring that all who traveled were protected.

While the seas grew calm in his old age, Darrio discovered there was still a purpose to be fulfilled. While on patrol, he discovered a treasure trove of heirlooms lost to the families of shipwrecked travelers. This discovery prompted him to retire from his post. With a treasure hunting team consisting of his retired squad mates, Darrio and crew set sail to locate all of the wealth of the sea and return them to their rightful owners.

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