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You can download the PDF rulebook to read through the rules.

Now that you've gotten the basics, let's learn high-level skills by playing a 2v2 match!

For this, you'll need to select 2 champions. 

Lets select Esgaris and Ayleth.

0000000008 Esgares.png
0000000007 Ayleth.png

Notice that Esgaris and Ayleth have 2 different skill trees, so the cards you'll select for this deck will need to consist of actionable cards that can be used by either/both champions.

0000000008 Esgares.png
0000000007 Ayleth.png

Next we'll place our two champions on the arena.

The champion you place on the far left champion zone will be your lead champion! You'll conduct the cooldown portion of your Prep Phase only on the lead champion's turn.


Let's talk targeting. 

With 2 champions, you can now select a target or activate cards that attack all opposing units. 

When activating attacks that target champions, be sure to choose wisely. 

0000000013 Power Slash - J copy.png
0000000037 Hero Spin  - J copy.png

For 2v2 matches, you'll start with:

  • 6 will (3 per champion)

  • 30-40 actionable cards in your Main Deck

  • up to 10 cards in your inventory


You'll start the match using your lead champion going through the phases learned in the basics.

Your opponent will respond by doing the same. 


Next, you will act with your 2nd champion, by going through the turn phases. 

Remember, only the lead champion can cooldown cards, so that portion is skipped!


Once you've completed all the phases with your secondary champion, the round is over and a new round starts!

You'll now be acting with your lead champion again!


Go through the motions of completing turns and rounds with your 2 champions until 1 champion has been downed, meaning, their HP has reached zero.


Now that your champion has been downed, you'll enter Last Stand with your remaining champion.

In Last Stand, your remaining champion is now your party lead,  gaining the ability to cooldown your cards. 

Additionally, the Last Stand champion will act each time your opponent's champion completes a turn, taking the place of your downed champion.


In terms of defense, defensive cards can either be activated by the defending champion, or by a supporting champion depending on the card's effect.

Let's look at two examples.

0000000016 Block - 4 copy.png
0000000034 Suppressing Storm - 6 copy.png

Defensive cards like Block allow the targeted champion a chance to defend against incoming damage.

Other defensive cards like Suppressing Storm allow any capable champion to defend the targeted champion, so long as their skill tree permits. 


In S3CCG, you can revive downed champions with certain cards. Let's look at how that affects Last Stand!

When Last Stand is activated and a champion is revived, the turn structure reverts back to normal. 

Let's examine an example using Phoenix Rebirth.

0000000061 Phoenix Rebirth - 8 copy.png

Now that you've gained an understanding of the 2v2 game type and learned a few new techniques. Practice a bit and head over to the Advanced area to learn the final tools you'll need to become a Monarch! 

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