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Modifiers | House Rules

You can download the PDF rulebook to read through the rules.

You've mastered the game, what's next?!


Make each game unique by applying a modifier to spice things up! S3CCG is a game that lets your imagination run free!

Below you'll find an ever-growing list of different S3 Modifiers to try out!

While you're at it, come up with your own and contact us to add to the list!


Use the Contact Us Form to suggest your favorite house rules as a Modifier!

(New) Surplus
Inventory Items are doubled but cannot include weapons. You may use up to 3 Potions/Food Item type cards per turn and still conduct your Action Phase.
(New) White Elephant
You cannot equip your champions with any weapons. During the first round, you must equip an opponent's champion that does not have a weapon, or receive 100 Damage. Weapon restrictions are disabled.
Defense Ready
Defensive skills and spells can be played from your hand or Library.
During the 1st round, on each champion's turn, declare the name of a champion. For the remainder of the game, the acting champion uses the name of the declared champion for Ally card benefits.
Players can use more than 1 of the same champion for 2v2, 3v3, or Duos.
Extra Sharp
Defensive Skills and Spells shatter after damage calculation.
Fragile Weapons
All weapons will break if the ATK or SDG is lower on an attack than the opponents DEF or INT.
Fright Night
Increase the WC for all spells and skills by 3.
Apply 'Will Overdrive'. You cannot have duplicate of any cards in your deck. Cooldown applies during each of your champion's turns.
Start the game with 1 Will per champion.
Mirror Match
All players must use the same champions.
Twins & Triplets
Players must Use 2 of the same champions for 2v2 or Duos and 3 of the same champions for 3v3.
Defensive Skills and Spells cannot break.
Will Overdrive
Start the game with up to 25 Will in your Will Zone. Remove the remaining Will from your deck.
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