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Sunburst Jackal

"Commence the hunt!"

Mark of the Champion | Dyon

An expert Hellion tracker from Kroyras, Dyon travels all of Limsia in search of new monsters to slay. Unlike most Lakis who are able to find and tame a wild Inu in their youth, Dyon was taunted and shamed as he was the only member in his tribe who, after years of trying, was still bondless. Lacking an Inu forced Dyon to train his mental abilities and push himself beyond that of his peers. He soon found that even without an Inu, his prowess and speed rivaled that of even the greatest hunters of the land.

While surveying the outskirts of Kroyras, Dyon came across the largest Hellion ever documented. A creature eclipsing an entire village under its stone-covered wings. Its beak shattered the ground as it fed on the innocent villagers. Dyon rushed into action, attempting to trap the apex Hellion. During the battle, Dyon noticed a tiny gold-fleeced Inu attacking in unison with his arrows. Though the two warriors gave it their all, they were no match for this behemoth and their attacks did nothing more than annoy the creature. Dyon and the baby Inu watched as the giant Hellion launched itself into the sky and set off into the distance. The battle may have been lost, but Dyon had finally bonded with an Inu of his own.

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