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The Dreadknight


Mark of the Champion | Esgaris

When it comes to demanding fear from the likes of bandits and scavengers, few instilled more panic than the Dreadknight, Esgaris. A white knight draped in black armor, his origins are shrouded in mystery. The first known sighting was just beyond the border of Listoria, a small village in southern Elysia. When the knights charged with protecting the town abandoned their duties and the overseeing lord forsaked his subjects, Esgaris stood as their sole protector. One man against a horde of blood-lusting, merciless bandits. With his two swords drawn, he cut down each bandit until only silence remained.

Since that day, Esgaris began to appear just as towns were sacked, fending off threats, accepting no praise, and taking no rewards for his efforts. The tale of the bandit-hunting knight spread like a spark across a field of wheat. Some say Esgaris was nothing more than a story told to ward off outlaws, while others say he is the embodiment of all the lives lost to raiders, but, whichever the case, the mere mention of his name deterred attacks, keeping the lives of the innocent safe.

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