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Emissary of the Exiled God

"Darkness... light... all the same"

Mark of the Champion | Forte

As with every member of the Exaleipheins, Forte, is an enigma. He and his comrades, emerged from the depths of Limsia’s intricate caverns lost, alone, and confused about the world. A complex web of hazy images, distant voices, and shared memories connect them to their past life. Exaleipheins mindlessly wandered Limsia, their drained husks of a body pulled in the direction of temples hidden beneath the landscapes of the world. These temples restored their life force and contained ancient scribes, weapons, and artifacts.

Out of all of the Exaleiphein, Forte formed a special connection with these mysterious formations, as he was the first to decipher their cryptic text and teach his brethren about their connection to one of the G.o.D.S., a 12th God that was lost to history. Forte brought structure and purpose to the once aimless drifters, and with that, the Exaleipheiens spread across Limsia, disseminating the knowledge of the exiled God.

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