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Harrower of Flame Sprites

"Feed the flames..."

Mark of the Champion | Kir'ba

To reach adulthood, teenage Algoons are dispatched into the realm to traverse the lands in search of Flame sprites, manifestations of the fire element that gather near sources of extreme heat. Once an Algoon has a Flame Sprite secured, they must then ingest it in accordance of the “Consummation of Flame” ritual. Weak minds deteriorate during the sprites consumption as the cerebral power of the Algoon explodes, creating new complex neurons. With their brains expanded, they gain new abilities and a deeper connection to their fore-bearing element. Their natural green scales overheat, morphing to adopt the color of the engulfed nix. The stronger, brighter, and hotter the flame, the more enhanced the Algoon may become. A lifetime of adaptations allow for the strongest Algoons to survive. Due to the colossal toll the metamorphosis takes on the body, when the Algoon recovers, the thought of consuming a second flame would be paramount to suicide. Kirba, however, has devoured 6.

Once an archeologist and historian of ancient traditions amongst her people, the proud and distinguished Kirba scoured Elysia’s Barron Lands to locate and safeguard deserted Algoon temples. During her efforts to preserve this wisdom, she discovered a multitude of secrets lost to the realm. With knowledge of yore, she began to utilize primitive sacrificial rituals to unlatch her latent abilities and master flame sorcery. She hunted and captured formidable casters and devoured their hearts to bolster her own. Kirba’s obsession with the arcane techniques of her ancestors transmuted her inquisitive yearning into a lust for magical supremacy. With each Flame sprite consumed, she became more adept at the ritual, being able to dominate the Flame Sprites within, but losing all sense of the world. A nightmare to Magicians, practitioners dare not whisper her name. “Travel in groups” they tell their students, for Kirba awaits to gorge on their essence.

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