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Last of the Vanguard

"The G.o.D.S. aren't here to save you child."

Mark of the Champion | Lamo'Rak

During Limsia's Heroic age, few could say they remembered the faces of the Titans. But for Lamo'rak, the son of the Juggernaut, Agnes, and Grandson of the Titans, the echo of their faces brought him strength. Taught the finer points of combat and the tactics of war by his mother, Lamo’Rak was considered one of the greatest Hurclian leaders during the uprising. His forces suppressed revolting slaves more ferociously than any other platoon. Under his command, the G.o.D.S. lost many strongholds, however, for each fort Lamo'rak reclaimed, his brethren lost 2. After the death of the Titan, Gusav, and the defeat of the 12 Juggernauts, the remaining Titan, Eva, could feel the end of her reign approaching. Lamo'Rak's regiment was re-tasked to protect a concealed structure that was lost to time. A tomb engulfed by the sands of Itoy's vast desert; the Titans' hidden treasure. Bound by duty, Lamo'rak set off to the barren continent of Itoy, but commanded his troops to remain by his Grandmother's throne and protect Castle Lavicus.

With the Titans' army vanquished, Lamo'rak spent his years hidden away, all the while, unlocking the mysteries of the Titan's most precious secret. He uncovered a powerful entity, equally as old as the Komodians and Sequoians. Through this ancient creature, Lamo'rak learned the secrets of the elementals that brought life to Limsia and how to harness their essence. While the realm bathed in the light of the golden age under the protection of the G.o.D.S., Lamo'rak gained support amidst the shadows, building an army of his now outcasted Hurclian brethren, the shunned Algoons, berated Fenrir, forgotten Banshees, and the struggling Octians. Once the blinding light of the G.o.D.S. faded, the last Vanguard, Lamo'rak, knew it was time for his people to rise again.

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