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Whisperer of the Lilac Flame

"Embrace the flames...As I have..."

Mark of the Champion | Madoc

None are more devoted to unraveling the mystique of Magic and its connection to the world of Limsia than the Asurian species. Their inquisitive nature has been the catalyst for a number of great wars throughout Limsia's history. The Order, a faction of gifted magicians, is mostly Asurian practitioners who trace their bloodline back to the strongest chronicled casters of the land. Madoc was once an elevated member of The Order. He researched all things connected to the ancient elements of Flame. His lectures and dissertations attracted many throughout the realm to Elysia in the hopes of becoming his understudy. Madoc had brought great pride to his prestigious family lineage, but for him, that was not enough. His passion to understand magic and its origin began to consume him, it ate at his every thought, until thought eventually gave way to action.

As students of The Order began to vanish, questions surrounding Madoc and his followers flourished. Rumors and speculations regarding his experiments forced internal investigations, but by this time, Madoc had already amassed a following amongst his students and unlocked what he called the true potential of fire, the Lilac Flame. With his newfound abilities, Madoc secretly converted hundreds throughout Limsia to his new order. Having members of the Lilac Flame embedded in The Order, Madoc was able to evade capture. Despite the huge bounty offered for his life, the Lilac Flame continued to grow along with his magical prowess.

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