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Mad Beast of the Exiled


Mark of the Champion | Ronk

Immortalized as a living legend amongst the Exhilepheins, Ronk is a towering menacing force of muscle and mayhem that serves as the Exhilephein’s strongest weapon… but also, their biggest threat. He was found, wrists tightly bound, shackled deep within the heart of the caverns. Tucked away In a region so distant that for centuries it remained untouched. It was there that 8 magical seals, so intense that the G.o.D.S themselves must have forged them, imprisoned Ronk away from the realm of Limsia. The entire Exhilephein congregation assembled to combine their might and minds to shatter the seals, decipher the puzzles, and break through the towering door bolted shut within. Once unchained, there Ronk stood, unburdened, unshackled, and unleashed upon the realm, finally free to rampage.

Above the surface, the Elysians experienced quakes and tremors as the Exhilephiens struggled to contain Ronk’s power. Even the shadow monsters lurking within caverns stayed clear from the battles. With each confrontation, Ronk’s mythical aptitude in combat grew, along with his unimaginable thirst for blood. His violent outbursts increased in ferocity and ferociousness, but after months of being hunted, he suddenly fell silent. His aggressive demeanor instantly transitioned to a docile creature. Slowly and without conflict he ventured through the caverns and navigated to the Exhilephien’s home. Since then, he has fought at their side. Only called upon in extreme cases, he has proved to be their greatest asset. No one knows what squelched his frenzy, for the monster has never spoken, however, those who were there and experienced Ronk’s change firsthand, speak of hearing a song that finally lullabied the beast.

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