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Royal Rogue

"Knell before Elysia's King..."

Mark of the Champion | Starmory

The G.o.D.S. may have been powered by the Stones, but the Will of the powerless warriors who gave their lives to fight alongside them was unmatched. That same strength flows through Starmory’s veins. Banished at birth by the Queen of the Lost Crown, Andreesa, Starmory and his Mother, a mistress of the Faith, took shelter in the wild lands of Limsia. Raised ignorant of his connection to the Crown, Starmory bounced from encampment to encampment honing his skills as a fighter. Eventually, he formed his own league of marauders and claimed a castle in the midst of Limsia’s thick forestry as his own.

As his prestige amongst the bandit world grew, so did his curiosity surrounding his expulsion. Confronting his mother and their past, he learned that the blood that flowed through his veins was that of the Hero Malegaunt, the high commander that lead the fight, shoulder to shoulder with the GoDS to free Limsia from the Titan's grasp. As a reward for his valor, the GoDS installed Malegaunt as King, and his offspring became known as the Crown. Together, they reigned as the ruling family of Elysia. The Crown's power was second only to the Faith and the GoDS. However, it wasn’t long after the disappearance of the GoDS that the Crown and the Faith too vanished and The Crown, forced into hiding by their lesser lords, abandoned the throne. During their displacement, the current King of the now Lost Crown had bedded Starmory’s mother and Andreesa, in her rage, banished them in retaliation. With his birthright realized, Starmory vowed not to hide away like his father, but instead, to claim the throne of Elysia that was rightfully his.

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