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Fallen Saint

"Must... survive... must... feed..."

Mark of the Champion | Syun

While many Exaleipheins exude confidence and fortitude when the skirmish begins, even the bravest of Exaleipheins knows when it’s time to make a hasty retreat. For in the darkness of the night, his footsteps are silent. Noiseless he glides though the air. By the time you hear his loud shrieking scream, you're already paralyzed and consumed by fear… your essence, the very thing that brings you life is devoured as you sink to the ground. The Exaleipheins murmur "Be wary of the shadow that hunts the light. Be afraid of the radiance that once promised to illuminate their way…". Timidly, they only speak his name in whispers, in the darkest chambers of the caves… Syun…


           Once a promisingly powerful Exaleiphein magician, he quickly learned and meticulously mastered many of the lost arts discovered in the Exaleiphein excavations. His peers quickly began to look to him as a de facto leader. It was common thought amongst the congregation that while Forte and the council deciphered the ruins, Syun was the hero putting his life on the line numerous times to fight against the shadows. He led the ground forces through the caverns without fear. But as his prowess in the forbidden spells grew, so did his hubris. With his arrogance unchecked, he began pushing further and further away from the ruins until Cyd’s ballad could no longer be heard to guide him home. Mere weeks away from the ruins, his sanity rapidly sank under Death's looming shadow. Desperately, he turned his scythe onto his peers as he stripped and consumed their essence in order to survive. The guilt of his actions began to crack the foundation of his psyche, which snapped and shattered, collapsing upon itself. They say all that remains now is a soulless husk that continues to hunt and feed off the marrow of the light to survive. However, those who have escaped his grasp have relayed sightings of his blackened eyes overflowing and glazed with regret.

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