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Midnight Raveness

"I may pledge my shield... but my blade is my own..."

Mark of the Champion | Vynessa

Birthed as a concoction of sorcery, Vynessa was created using the Zephrys' Gryphon ritual, however, things went awry. The excitement and celebratory chirping that followed the success of the ritual soon made way to shock and confusion as the ceremonial egg cracked to reveal a baby Zephrys with wings as dark as a moonless night sky. The Grand Zephrys Owl however, did not share his followers’ concerns, instead, he took Vynessa under his wing as his surrogate daughter. During her youth, she discovered the failed ritual granted her the ability to tear through reality. As if using the quest gates, she too could travel from one point to another in an instant, but, in her case, she could only travel short distances. Through training, dedication, and mastering her 'gift', Vynessa soared through the ranks to become the Owl's personal guard.

But, as the leaves of the great Limsian Heart Tree began to fall, so too would the continent of Khelos fall to despair. Forces of the Shadow of the Titans launched a brutal attack, the likes of which had not been seen since the invasion led by the Titans themselves. Algoons and Fenrir forces scurried from the surrounding forest and Banshee's hailed from the sky as they sieged the great Limsian Heart Tree. Hundreds of branches burned, setting the treetop towns below them ablaze. The yolk of smashed eggs fried against the bark as the Zephrys Kingdom collapsed. Ash and blood powdered the roots of the Heart Tree. The Knights of the Royal Owl Guard plummeted from the sky as they too were no match for the onslaught. During the battle, Vynessa found herself wounded, struggling to stop her gashes from bleeding uncontrollably. By decree of the Owl, Vynessa ripped an opening through reality in an attempt to save herself. She collapsed through the opening as she lost consciousness in the void. She had come to, days later, awakening in the next continent over, in a small town in Elysia, just south of Elysium. With her wounds inexplicably dressed and healed, she vowed to uncover the mystery of the Heart Tree Raid.

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