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XP! Get your XP!

Hey all! We hope that you’ve been enjoying the S3 Coliseum thus far! If you’ve got questions and commentary please send it all to

If you’ve been touring the S3 Coliseum, you may have noticed that you gained a level or two…

What does that mean? It means that you’ll be able to qualify for different promotion, coupon, and S3 Armory Item codes based on your rank! Yay You!

How do you continue to level up?

Posting Messages in the Arena Chatroom Channels - Any time you post a message in a chatroom channel you will gain some XP! So get to chatting and get you some XP!

Playing in Tournaments - Rolling dice, Flipping Coins, Chatting with others, etc. while in a chatroom channel will gain you XP! So get active and get you some XP!

Playing Casino Games - Head to the Casino Chatroom and use the Casino commands to play the Casino games. We’ve got Roulette, we’ve got Rock-Paper-Scissors, we’ve got Guess the Number, etc all designed to help you get XP! So start playing around and get you some XP!

In conclusion, XP will help you rank up, ranking up will help you qualify for codes, and codes will help you save on items at the shop!

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