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Late Backer Launch Date!

It's official!!

Our late backer campaign is launching next week!!!!!

That’s right! Get ready for round 2!!

On September 10th our online stores will open for the first time allowing those who missed out on the Kickstarter an opportunity to get their hands on starter decks and more! Additionally, those who are looking to add more cards to their collection will be able to do so!

There will be a limited number of inventory available and we will be operating on a first come, first served basis so be ready!!

Although not an official Kickstarter campaign, it will be very similar. Much like the original campaign it will be a limited time sprint from September 10th to October 10th. During this timeframe, you'll be able to access our inventory of cards. Afterward, the campaign will end and we will begin the shipping process. Running this campaign on our website will allow our intake & processing team time to iron out all the software kinks prior to going live for the official launch!

As stated in our previous post, you can expect to find the following for sale:

Starter Deck Bundles

Starter Deck Avigail

Starter Deck Esgaris

Starter Deck Dyon

Game Mats

S3 Rare Champion - Avigail

S3 Rare Champion - Prototype Avigail Dark

S3 Rare Ally - Swordmaster's Might

S3 Rare Ally - Prototype Swordmaster's Might Dark

Will Pack

Late Backer Exclusive Kickstarter Packs

As an added bonus…for every $50 spent, you will receive 1 of the 3 Kickstarter Exclusive S3 Rare cards:


Rising Sunrise

Komodian Heart

Lastly, our Kickstarter packs will contain a chance to obtain 1 of 4 Road to Kickstarter cards! The Store will go live around 8 am EST on September 10th so be ready!

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