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S3Charity Event! #S3Day

Time to pat ourselves on the back!

Time to toot our own horns!

We are feelin’ ourselves!

Seriously, we have accomplished so much so far this year and we have all of our supporters to thank.

You helped us take a concept and design and get it polished up and ready to play. You’ve helped us successfully fund a kickstarter, get our own interface up and running, and get the word out to get more people playing! And we cannot wait to get started releasing content to all who want to join!

Old Design

New Design

As this year begins to wind down we are actually just starting to kick everything into high gear to prepare for 2022, but we still need your help!!

As this is our first year of business as a new small indie startup, we figured it’s only right to use some of our proceeds to give back but we haven’t figured out what kinds of companies reflect the interests of our community. So, we are using this month of community connection to ask: What are your favorite causes?

Presales begin on the 1st of December and we have decided to donate $10 for every online sale to a community-decided cause. Our Donation Goal is just $250. That’s only 25 sales! With your help getting the word out, we know we can reach this goal by December 20th and be able to give a nice gift to charity of community choice by the holiday.

Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash

In order to narrow down our choices, we will be doing a few internal and community polls throughout Nov and we will do a presale vote during the month of Dec leading up to our very first Shining Shadows Supports Day (#S3D)!

And as a bonus for taking the time to read this far please use !CHARITY as a command code in the S3 Coliseum by 11.12.21 for a special gift.

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