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Season 1: The Journey Begins!

You've gotten your starter decks, you've learned the art of deck building, and you've unlocked the power of combo's, now its time to start your adventure to becoming the strongest Monarch!

Today, 4/1, marks the opening of Season 1: The Journey Begins!

Begin the new season with 3 new champion cards, 3 new ally cards, and the emergence of the Battle Packs! Use the Battle Packs to improve your deck with new cards, new potions, and more!

These Battle Packs are comprised of a pool of 60 new cards!

48 - Commons

8 - SSRares

4 - S3Rares

The 2 S3Rare cards in this quarter's battle pack include Iralia’s Blossom 'JK', and Block 'Jk'.

With Iralia’s Blossom 'JK' you'll be free to buff up your spell and cast any other spell in the same combo!

Alternatively, Set 1's S3Rare cards are Ra and Judgement Strike '4'. These two cards allow you to punish your opponents for overextending and aim to provide your superior tactics with a nice reward.

3 New Champs and Allies!

With the release of our latest 3 champions, players can now round out their collection of all of the subclasses currently available in S3!

Vynessa, the guardian, provides your decks with even more defense capabilities.

Lamo'Rak, the tactician, gains power as your opponents attempt to out strategize him, gaining a buff for each tactical spell activated.

Madoc, the occultist, is able to change his toolkit and the toolkit of his allies to best fit your deck.

New cards have also been added to the card listing, so be sure to check out the updated list!

Battle packs are scarce and limited, so get yours while they're in stock!

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