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So many Channels, which one to pick!?

Hey All!

By now, we are hoping that you’ve had a chance to check out the S3 Coliseum and start earning some Crest and XP. But, that’s not the only reason we’ve utilized this platform. We know that many a meeting and convention has been put on hold so we wanted a way to connect with our community and get people excited about this new game. Thus, we are continuing to encourage those of you (whether you’ve already gotten your cards or are awaiting their arrival) to hop on and play with us and/or with each other AND we’ve created a breakdown to get you started….

There are now just 4 Categories to check out!

START HERE - This category has 6 informational channels that can help you learn about the S3 Coliseum and give tips on how to set up your camera for online battles.

COMMUNITY - This category has 3 channels and is where you can mingle with other community members and get social media updates.

CASINO - This category has 5 channels and is where you can play mini-games to earn Crest and XP.

BATTLEPIT - This category has 20 channels and is where you can battle others using different game types. We’ve also added an area for beta testing future game types!

Now that you have a list of the categories, feel free to frolic away! And if you have any questions or feedback let us know at

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