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Time to Shine!

Let it shine!

S3Rares are upon us fam!

In preparation of the launch of Season 1, for the month of March, you will be able to grab an S3Rare version of your favorite Season 0 champion while supplies last!

Don't wait! After this month, who knows when the next time these shiny champions will appear... We've heard whispers of a mysterious vendor appearing around sanctuary who has some S3Rare cards... If you see him, be sure to check out his wares!

What is an S3Rare card you ask?!

S3Rare are gold encrusted cards that show off a card's scarcity or power! Champions, Ally Cards, Spells, Skills and More all have a chance at being S3Rare so be on the look out for opportunities to enhance your deck!

Cards in the shop that are available for a limited time, such as cards available through Xaos, have a higher chance at being S3Rare.

Additionally, cards in the battle packs will be be either SRare, S2Rare, or S3Rare based on their card/pack ratio and the strength of the card.

How can you tell the difference between the rarities?

SRare cards have gold lettering but no foil to them. They lack the shine and brilliance of their S2 and S3 counterparts. These cards are found in your starter deck, as they are available to all players at any point.

S2Rare cards have golden foil on card description container box, the card name container box, as well as, the card name itself. These cards are available in battle packs and are harder to obtain then common cards and SRare cards. While their availability may sometimes be limited, they may not be as strong as their S3Rare counterparts.

S3Rare cards have been decorated in gold foil to enhance their shine and shimmering effect. These cards may be limited in time/availability and/or stronger than normal cards.

With the introduction of our foil cards, S3 enters its next phase! In celebration, you'll find all your favorite season 0 champions shining in all their glory for the month of March!

Get yours today!

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